After graduating from Ottawa University, Helene Pinard decided to follow her passion and received her interior design degree with honours in 1991.  

Following a successful career as a designer and project manager in both commercial and residential design in Ottawa for over 10 years, Helene relocated to Oakville where she started her own business:  Plan Next Interiors.

Through life experiences and transitions,  Helene's passion for design evolved into her desire to not only create beautiful spaces for her clients but assist them in their own transitions.  Helene believes in the power of design to help create new beginnings and transforming lives.

Plan Next Interiors offers comprehensive design and home staging services specializing in helping people overcome major life changes such as a move, a loss, a separation or divorce or even downsizing.

As overwhelming as such transitions can be, Plan Next Interiors strives to guide you through this intense and difficult process by replacing doubt, fear and despair with renewed energy, courage and hope.

How you may ask?  The answer is simple:  By designing a space you can call home; a space that is a true reflection of who you are now while working with what you have in your current situation and current financial circumstances.    


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